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Income Protection 

If you are unable to work due to Sickness, Accident or Injury we have got you covered! Using some of the UK’s top insurers our team will find you the right policy that’s right for you, so, if you are unable to work your Income Protection Policy will cover your salary for you until you feel well enough again to get back out there!

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Budget Income Protection

For a budget income protection plan if you make a successful claim on your income protection you will be paid your benefit amount for a period of 1-5 years before having to return back to work!

Full Term Income Protection

A full term income protection plan will payout over the whole duration of the policy if you are unable to return to work due to your accident, illness or injury! Once you have made a successful claim you will then be able to recover fully without having to worry about rushing back to work.

Age Related

Age related income protection products are great for people in a manual field. The price for your cover will start off lower than a guaranteed protection plan and increase gradually with age. This allows you to grow with your policy as you grow with your job and still make multiple claims. Find out which policy is the right one for you!