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A Guide to a Children’s Trust

A Children’s Trust is a legally binding instruction with the aim to ensure your children are financially supported in the event of your death.

How does a Children’s Trust Work?

A Children’s Trust is an important addition to your last Will & Testament if you are planning on leaving any proportion of your estate to your children or any minor.

The aim of a Children’s Trust is to appoint your trustees to legally manage the provisions which have been left to the children. This allows the trustees to manage the assets until your children reach up to 25 years old.

What other benefits are there from having a Children’s Trust in my Will?

  • The trust allows your trustee to administer funds to the children. This could include funds for University or a deposit on property, etc.
  • This Trust also allows your trustees to supply funds for living expenses, education costs, etc.
  • This Trust ensures that the children’s guardians will not have to use their own money to pay for the upbringing and support of the children.

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