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What is Probate?  

Probate, known as Confirmation of Estate in Scotland, is the legal process of administering your Estate when you pass away.

This means paying off any debts and liabilities and distributing any assets to those you wish to inherit.  Most families use a solicitor to carry out this process which is not only costly but can be time-consuming, often taking anywhere between six and nine months for families to receive the inheritance.

Families find that the process takes too long and is too expensive.

That’s why we have created a Pre-paid Probate Plan, to offer a fixed fee for carrying out the Estate administration and agreeing on a set time to complete the Probate. Plus, a Professional Will be included as part of the service!

Why take out Pre-paid Probate? 

Probate is a legal process that is required after death if assets exceed a certain amount, this is over £36,000 in Scotland and over £5,000 in England and Wales.

Solicitors or probate practitioners can charge up to 6%* for winding up the Estate, that is ensuring all debts have been re-paid and all assets distributed according to the Will.

Taking out a Pre-paid Probate Plan allows you to ensure that the relevant services for winding up your Estate will be paid for and attended to by a solicitor or probate practitioner at the time of need.

It will be one less thing for your family to worry about and it means that expensive solicitors fees won’t be deducted from your family’s inheritance.  


What are the benefits of Pre-Paid Probate? 

There are many benefits to taking out a Pre-Paid Probate Plan.

These include: 

  • Reducing the legal fee associated with winding up the Estate. 
  • The fee is fixed – meaning there is nothing more for your family to pay in the time of need.
  • By arranging Probate now, means it’s one less thing for your family to organise and worry about after you have passed away.
  • Your family will likely receive more inheritance as less money is going to a solicitor to pay for this service.   

When looking at the benefits of Pre-Paid Probate, it’s important to consider the limitations of this service.

These include: 

  • You do not require this service if your assets are less that £5,000 in England and Wales or less than £36,000 in Scotland.
  • If your assets are held in Trust, you will not require Probate for the assets held in Trust, it would only be those outside of the Trust that would be required to go through the Probate process.
  • If you sell or distribute your assets after taking out this product, you may not require this service. 


The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate pre-paid Probate Plans.